Gladstone "Hunger Games" Encourage Teamwork and Philanthropy

The energy was pulsing through the gym at Gladstone Secondary last Friday. It was the finale of the second annual Hunger Games, a three day games-based extravaganza organized almost entirely by Gladstone's senior leadership students. 

The themes of the Hunger Games included disease, hunger, water, shelter and clothing. Each "game" incorporated one of the elements in a creative way. On Friday, the leadership students created a game where contestants needed to climb through a maze of ribbon without touching in order to avoid becoming "diseased". 

This year's Hunger Games had 36 participants, 10 organizers and drew in 40-100 spectators per day to the stands above the gym.

"This sort of leadership is amazing to witness," says Gladstone teacher Lindsey Goodridge, who says the Hunger Games is just one example of the wide-range of inquiry and problem based learning that's happening among her leadership students.

"I just show up," she says. "They do the rest."

After an entire lunch break of bending, collaboration and cheers, the winning team was the Gladstone Improv Club composed of Jennifer Thi, Travis Patterson, Larry Govinthasamy, Lakshmi Soundarapandian, Sandeep Minhas and Miley Leung. The winning team took home a free movie pass each.

In addition to being fun, Goodridge says the event also raised money for some of the class' global projects including helping to build a school in Ecuador. 

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