Vancouver Schools Awash in Pink Day Events and Excitement

Today, students and staff across the district will be wearing pink shirts, shorts, shoes and socks to promote the message of "Acceptance" in their schools. Pink Day is designed to raise awarness about the serious consequences of bullying in schools.

In BC, Day of Pink (aka Pink Shirt Day, No Bullying Day) is celebrated annually on the last Wednesday in February. Organizers say today is a day where communities and schools across the province, can unite in celebrating diversity and raising awareness to stop homophobic, transphobic and all other forms of bullying.

There are many events happening today across the district. School events planned include (among many other things):

  • flashmobs
  • school assemblies
  • mainstreeting with the entire school community
  • school and class skits
  • live-theatre performances around the origins of Pink Day
  • choreographed dancing routines
  • busking
  • a basketball game against Vancouver Police Department officers
  • the hanging of a huge pink banner
  • Pink Day poetry reading
  • the design and sale of special Pink Day t-shirts to raise money for local charities
  • the sale of special baked goods to raise money for charity 

To learn more about the Day of Pink and ideas around celebrating it, click here

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