David Lloyd George Transformed into Arts and Performing Arts Center

During the week of Feb 18 to 22, with the help of some enthusiastic UBC students, David Lloyd George (DLG) Elementary School was transformed into an arts and performing arts center. As part of the UBC Reading Week Project, 26 volunteers, composed of students from seven different faculties, came to DLG and worked with students from Grades 4 to 6 in the area of fine arts.

During the three days, DLG students rotated through 6 stations. The stations included Learning about instruments using Peter and the Wolf, making musical instruments, Disney musicals, music trivia, drawing and dancing to music and the sounds that make up music. The highlight of the Reading Week Project was a final assembly which included an exhibit of art work, hand-made musical instruments and a Disney musical performance extracted from the Lion King and The Little Mermaid.

According to Grade 4 student Cerys Greenhalghthe Reading Week project "was fun and exciting."  Cerys said that she particularly liked the music trivia.

"It had 6 categories" she said, "Disney, composers, different cultures...You have to guess all the answers. I think I know quite a bit about music. I got some answers right".

According to Justin Ho, Manager of the UBC-Community Learning Initiative, UBC students also benefited from participating in the project at DLG.  

"Passion and skill for music can come from anyone, so we were able to bring together a team of UBC students from a number of faculties and disciplines", he said. "Not only were students from David Lloyd George able to learn about music, but the UBC students learned a lot as well in what for many was their first opportunity to teach." 

David Lloyd George School values community partnerships with UBC. Other than the Reading Week Project, the UBC students also run an after school program Reading and Math Buddies to students from Grade 2 to 7 throughout the school year.

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