Adult Ed Changes Young Student's Perspective on Education

At 16 years old, Cody Broomer decided to drop out of his school in Ottawa because he had dreams of travelling the country. While in Vancouver, Broomer eventually began to feel the consequences of not having an education under his belt. Struggling to make a living and unable to find a decent job at 21 years old, he decided he needed to return to school. He says he found a world of opportunities at Adult Ed.

Broomer says that typical secondary school was not an option for him. He simply could not thrive in the regular school system. Fortunately, he says he found a great fit at Gathering Place Education Centre.

Broomer said a student there encouraged him to check out the program.

"Today I am happy I chose to come here. The instructors are so friendly and helpful," says Broomer. "Most of us students are so talented and determined too. We just had to find the right place for our talents to come to fruition."

Broomer also says he appreciates the accessible showers, gym, TV room, first-rate cafeteria and games room available to students all day on the second floor of the Gathering Place building.

He says that thanks to the support of the Education Centre's staff, he is steadily working towards a high school diploma. Upon successful completion, he plans to pursue a welding certificate at BCIT. When not in school, he works part-time.  

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