ELL Parents and Students at Lord Byng Raise $2,325

On Sunday March 3,2013 ELL parents and students at Lord Byng Secondary raised $2324 towards financial awards to support ELL student improvement in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. On a bright sunny day in March, parents brought their cars to our carwash fundraiser while supervising and encouraging their children to do a great job in washing cars.

"The amount raised by the fundraiser shows how much Byng ELL students want these opportunities and is also an acknowledgement by their parents of their children's sacrifice and hard work," says Natalie Wai, an International Student Advisor at Lord Byng Secondary. 

ELL students not only have the challenge of adjusting to a new culture, but they also sacrifice much of their time studying and improving themselves while leaving behind close friends and family in order to graduate and attend post secondary institutions. 

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