Lord Elementary Mural Captures Student Imagination

Last month, the school community at Dr. A. R. Lord Elementary put on the finishing touches to a huge mural project featuring silhouette images taken directly from the Lord student body.

In addition to having their images used, students also had a role in designing and painting the mural. In the end, 142 Lord students took up a painting brush in support of the project. The project's lead designer was Lord parent (and artist) Chris Taylor, who volunteered countless hours along with his artistic talent to support the school. Meanwhile, the school's PAC secured donations and grants to fund the project.

Mural"This mural is more beautiful and powerful than I could have imagined. It has created an incredible visual impact and a focal point for our school for years to come," said Sarah Gray, VP at Lord Elementary. "The process of designing and creating the mural was in itself a community building event that brought a real excitement and sense of pride to our school."

The mural was inspired by the school's wish to show the energy and positivity of its students while creating a focal point for all to enjoy during outdoor play time, school barbeques, meet the teacher days and jump rope for heart. 

From planning to painting, the entire project took the school six months to complete. 

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