Van Tech's Variety Club Raises $10,000 for this year's Variety Club Show of Hearts Telethon

Since the club's inception, Van Tech's Variety Club, under the guidance of teacher sponsor, Marlene Bilesky, and most recently, teacher Jenny Lee, has raised close to $200,000. Throughout the entire year, students have participated in countless fundraising activities to achieve their yearly goal of $10,000.

One of the most prominent fundraisers is the Hearts of Gold campaign where students sell gold heart pins. Since 1991, with the exception of only one year, Van Tech's Variety Club has been the top school in BC, selling the most gold hearts in the entire province. As a result of their hard work, Van Tech students are annually rewarded with a $1,000 scholarship from Variety.

In recognition of her fundraising and dedication to Variety, the school club's sponsor teacher Marlene Bilesky was presented with the Colleen Wood Award for exceptional fundraising in 2000.  Bilesky was again honoured in 2011 with a Red Heart Dinner and an Angel Award for exemplary fundraising contributions to Variety.

In March of this year, a handful of Van Tech students took the stage during the Telethon to present a giant cheque for $10,000 to the charity. Click here to watch the video of their appearance.

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