Garibaldi Shovels in Money with Manure Sale

Right before Spring Break this year, Garibaldi's school community came together to raise money for the school's garden club.

Throughout the day, students and parents took turns shoveling and sorting packages of manure from the 16 cubic yards of manure dumped onto the school's parking lot. Garabaldi principal Lorraine Baker says roughly 30 adults and kids were involved (a big number for a school of 65 students).

Baker says the sense of community during the sale was palpable.

"I really want to thank the community spirit of this tiny little school. It really is to be commended," she says. "We are the little school with a big heart and that really rings true."

Local coffee shop the Laughing Bean supplied donated sandwiches and coffee.

After all the manure was shoveled up, the school raised over $1,400 dollars. 

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