Former Adult Ed Student Returns to South Hill as a Teacher

Wenny Peng enrolled in the Adult Ed program at South Hill Education Centre almost right after arriving from Taiwan in 1993. Peng says she soon discovered that Adult Ed was an incredibly supportive program that would be instrumental in entering one of the most prestigious post-secondary science programs in British Columbia.

Peng left Taiwan when she was in Grade 12. Because the Canadian education system was not the same as in Taiwan, she knew she would need to repeat most of her high-school courses.

Additionally, she wanted to upgrade her English in order to prepare for post-secondary studies. Her dream was to study sciences at UBC.  

Peng says the experience at South Hill provided a smooth transition for her into the new Canadian educational system. While studying there, she excelled in her math and science courses. With the assistance of instructors and volunteer tutors, she also quickly improved her English skills.

"Everyone in the school wanted me to succeed in my academic pursuit and offered me advice and assistance along the way," says Peng.

She says one of the great things about the program was meeting other students who were in a similar situation as her.

"Because many of the Adult Ed students were newcomers to Canada, it was enriching for us to share our experiences from different parts of the world," says Peng.  "We understood each other's views and opinions about this new country."

After two years of hard work, Peng received her Dogwood diploma and was accepted into the UBC science department.

In 2007, she returned to South Hill as a substitute teacher. She says she understands many of the current students who are in a similar position she found herself in years ago.

"Adult Ed supported me every day when I was studying here," says Peng. "Now I am able to give back and offer students my experiences. I hope I can be a benefit to them."

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