Britannia Secondary School Receives $25k Grant to Update Technology

Britannia Secondary School will soon be receiving a variety of brand new computers and gadgets that will make the learning experience for students a lot easier, thanks to a $25,000 grant provided by Future Shop.

Right now, a few technical issues are experienced when using the current computers, and students and staff are excited to start using the new equipment.

"It's going to give them a fighting chance to keep up with their peers," said Kim Leary, the Britannia teacher who first found out about the grant program.  "Now they'll actually be able to feel like their classes are viable, with working equipment."

Representatives from Future Shop were at Britannia on March 15 to present the school with the $25,000 cheque.

"The new technology is going to take the programs at Britannia from good to great," said Andrea Farnell, the community relations manager for Future Shop.

Britannia students wait for their computers to turn on.

Some of the students at Britannia face problems when using the current, out-of-date equipment.

"The internet isn't quite good," said Photography 10 student Misha Popov.  "It doesn't break down or anything, but it's really slow compared to modern computers."

Lesya Holubowich, a grade nine student, says she can't wait to start using the new computers.

"It's really exciting to get new equipment," said Lesya.  "It'll make it a lot easier for us to do our work."

Ariel Boulet, a Britannia teacher who uses the technology for her classes on a regular basis, wrote the proposal that won the grant.

"I wrote the proposal for what I wanted to see in terms of new technology," said Boulet.  "I wrote my wish list, basically."

Boulet also said some students have developed a new interest in classes that will benefit from the new high-tech toys.

"They're excited - some kids have gotten course changes just so they can use the new technology," she said.

The school is planning on buying new computers for various parts of the school with the grant money.  The shopping list also includes tablet computers, a 50' television for students to share their visual work with classmates, and DSL cameras.  The new equipment is expected to be set up and working by this May.

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