Vancouver DPAC Launches Petition for Public Education Funding

The Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) has launched a petition calling for the provincial government to invest in the public school system.

"Every year of underfunding, PACs are less able to attend to their advisory purpose without being challenged to provide additional funding through fundraising," states the petition. "We the undersigned want the Provincial Government to increase public funding of public education to ensure that our public schools have the full support for all their capital needs (including, upkeep and improvements of our buildings, playgrounds and technological infrastructure and equipment)." 

So far the petition has garnered 174 signatures. DPAC representatives say they hope to attract many more signatories in the coming weeks. 

"The Vancouver District Parent Advisory Committee is calling on the provincial government to invest in our children now because they are our future," says VSB Trustee Mike Lombardi. "As a VSB trustee I would encourage all citizens in Vancouver to join the advocacy efforts of DPAC by signing their online petition." 

To learn more or to sign the petition, click here



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