VSB, VPD and Special Olympics Partner on Club Fit Program at Gladstone

Club Fit is a new initiative pioneered by the Vancouver Police Department, Special Olympics BC and the Gladstone Community School Team. The program is aimed at facilitating special sports programs for athletes of all ages. Running since October of last year, Club Fit engages Special Olympics athletes in a wide-range of calisthenics, creative fitness drills, exercises and games. 

The program draws an average of 25-28 athletes and is supported by upwards of 50 Vancouver police officers. Athletes range in age from This year, the program has been embraced by three Gladstone students. 

Ron Scott, the Community Schools Coordinator based out of Gladstone, says as word of the program has grown in the school's lifeskills classes, so has interest. 

Emmanuel Tale Budica is one of the kids who has recently joined the program. Budica is in Grade 8 at Gladstone and says he's looking forward to playing soccer, basketball and capture the flag. 

"I want to become strong, fit and active like the police," he says. 

Click here or click below to watch a short video about Club Fit

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