Quilchena Eco-Fair Teaches Students to Think (and Act) Green

On Wednesday, April 24, Quilchena Elementary held their 5th Annual Eco Fair. The entire day was devoted to the environmental education of the school's students. Organizations from all over the Lower Mainland came to Quilchena for the day and volunteered their time to offer workshops/presentations and to raise awareness and inspire the students to be mindful of ways they can help take care of our planet. 

"I really want to give a huge thanks to Karen Vanderheyden and her team for organizing the day, to our many parent volunteers and to Kelly Enns and the Quilchena Student Council for their help in making the day such a huge success," said Connie Carver, Quilchena's principal.  

The school hosted a wide-variety of workshops covering topics like organic growing (and eating), garbage clean-up, Earth Day painting, water purity as well as reusing and recycling.

Click on the image below to check out our Flickr album for more photos.

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