Grandview Ravens Girls Basketball Team Wins City Championship

Grandview Elementary took home the top prize in this year's city championship for senior girls basketball. 

Coach Cassidy Kannemeyer says the win was a long time coming and the result of years of hard work.

"This championship was essentially a two year program in the making," he says. "In year one I built up their fundamentals and taught them the basics, easing them into a competitive atmosphere. I tried to build up their confidence as athletes and encourage them become aggressive and competitive. In year two, Aaron Singh and Jesse Bemister and I decided that we would practice once a week in the beginning of the school year to reinforce the teaching from the year before and to for the boys to be included."

Grandview girlsKannemeyer says all of the coaches had days where they would coach and would all run the same drills teaching the kids how to master specific skills.

"I think this was a major key to our success and without their help, none of this would have been possible," says the coach. 

Last year he says Grandview was already in a tight group. But because of the strong connection among teammates, the team's chemistry was incredibly strong.

Grade 7 Karalee Antoine was the team's leading scorer all season and in the city playoffs, she averaged 38 points per game. She also scored Grandview's last 9 points in the city final, which included three huge baskets in overtime. 

Grade 7 Christina Aparri was the school's defensive stopper. Kannemeyer says her understanding of how to communicate on defense and guard the opposing teams' best player allowed for her teammates to make plays offensively.

Somer McCarthy, who was also in Grade 7, was a rugged rebounder and interior scorer who had huge games in the playoffs and during the season. In the semi-finals she scored 16 points to help Grandview power past McBride. 

Meanwhile Molly Lee was one of the team's scrappiest players when it came to on-ball defense. She helped push the ball handlers in practice by constantly harassing them up and down the court and made some huge steals in the final against Carleton.

Katelyn Mcmillan was one of the team's best mid-range shooters and amazing when it came to sprinting around the floor. She constantly beat her defender down the court for easy lay ups.

Grandview team"She's only in Grade 6 and I guarantee she will be our captain next year," says Kannemeyer.

Jeanarah Allan Austin, another Grade 6, is the team's heir apparent to the scoring title and can score in a variety of ways (in addition to putting up a rugged defense).  

Chloe Gray wan another younger player (in Grade 6) who gave a consistently strong effort all season. In addition to hardly ever missing a practice, she became a reliable defender for the team and could hit open shots when teams tried to stop Grandview's other scorers.

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