Tecumseh Students Experience Hands on Biology with Salmon Fry Release

Tuesday, April 23 was a great day to release salmon fry at Spanish Banks. Buses full of eager Grade 4s descended on the beach and the nearby creek and soon a stream of eager young biologists disembarked and headed to the nearby stream. They were there to learn about marine biology and help release 56 of the original 60 eyed eggs, which not only survived but thrived under the watchful care of Grade 3 and Grade 4 students from Tecumseh Elementary.

While caring for the eggs, the students learned to set up the tank, calculate ATUs, check the water temperature as well as to monitor the pH and ammonia levels. 

For Brianne Jim, a Grade 4 Tecumseh student, the highlight of the salmon unit was feeding the tiny fry "teeny weeny baby krill". Jim and her friends Grace Cheng and Morgan O'Carroll have been helping raise and release the fry for two years now. In Kindergarten, they say they raised little snails. The tradition of hands on learning is one of their favorite things about biology at Tecumseh.

Tecumseh vice-principal Carrie Froese says that while the fry release was a highlight for many of the Grade 4s, the learning didn't stop there.

"The salmon release was only part one of the learning students were engaged in at Spanish Banks. Each class took part in shared activities like the scavenger hunts and special class adventures, including the Grade 7 creation of ecosystems, Mr. Wan's trek to Jericho Beach, the Grade 3 amazing beach structure and an adventure hike," she says.

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