Grandview and Quilchena Elementary Schools Join Forces with Box Theatre

This year, 18 students from two different and diverse neighbourhoods in Vancouver came together to create a show at the Fire Hall Arts Centres' BC Buds Spring Festival.  It was the third year that the students of Grandview have been asked to take part in the festival and the first year that Quilchena participated.

Local theatre artist Terri-Lyn Storey was a driving force behind the project with the children. Storey says part of the power of the cross-city collaboration was fueled by the differences as well as the similarities of the students' circumstances. She says the aim of the theatre was to help bridge the differences.

"Through this Box Theatre project friendships can grow. The children are rooting for each other to succeed, not just in their own solo shows but on the stages that are their lives," said Storey. 

Box Theatre is a multi-theatre show staged inside large wooden and cardboard boxes that have full set, sound, and lighting designs incorporated into them.  The audience experiences a visually rich and stunning experience as they move around the theatre from box to box and enter each created world. 

The performances will be taking place on May 11th and 12th at 2pm at the Fire Hall Arts Centre

Photo courtesy of Justine Warrington. 

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