Gordon Students Wrap School Centennial into Incredible Destination Imagination Presentation

Past students of General Gordon Elementary returned to the school for a student-driven art project designed to capture the spirit and history of the 100-year old school. The existing building will soon be replaced in a seismic upgrade and Gordon students wanted to ensure their strong sense of community would follow them to the new building.

In an innovative multi-media presentation held Thursday, May 9, 2013, the group of students, known as Team GP7, unveiled the results of their hard work. As part of their group project/performance for Destination Imagination, the students showed off their school in a series of videos, skits and short speeches. They revealed a unique photomontage of the old building, made up entirely of more than 1,000 images of General Gordon students and staff. 

GordonThe same presentation had won Team GP7 the provincials for Destination Imagination and sent them on their way to Knoxville, Tennessee on May 21 for the Global Finals.

Working together over a six-month period, Team GP7, conducted research into the history of the school. They visited the Vancouver archives and conducted a series of interviews with people throughout the community. At the end of their presentation, the team recognized current principal Margaret Davidson for her support of their project.  

In a final surprise, local community leader Wyeth Wasserman awarded Team GP7 a grant of $1,000 from the Vancouver chapter of the Awesome Foundation, a worldwide network of people devoted to creative projects that promote awesomeness. The award will help partially fund the school's trip to Knoxville. 

Destination Imagination

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