Queen Mary Helps Kick Off Drinking Water Week

Queen Mary Elementary was visited by UBC engineering graduate students and other VIPs for the kick-off of Drinking Water Week on Tuesday May 21. During the kick-off event, Queen Mary students got to participate in some fun activities including hands on demonstrations where they learned how water arrives clean and safe at our taps, how dirty water is filtered as well as the best way to move water to our homes (through a display of an elaborate system of pipes).

"Drinking Water Week is a time to celebrate and value our water as a vital and finite resource we need to conserve and protect," says Daisy Foster, CEO of the 4,700-member BC Water & Waste Association.  "We hope people will learn more about their water, including where it comes from, where it goes, and the people and processes behind it, as well as what they can do to protect it." 

Students also got to take in a bar-chart which highlighted the results of a tap-vs.-bottled taste test conducted at UBC on May 18. Everyone got a lesson on simple steps they could take to protect BC water.

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