VSB Board Reviews Social Media Guidelines

Recently the VSB's new draft social media policy has been getting a fair amount of media attention. The policy is aimed at providing employees with a clear understanding of the impact of using social media and its appropriate use.

The district's new draft social media policy is designed to ensure established best practices are uniform across the district in order to mitigate employee's exposure to risk. You can download the draft policy by clicking here.

VSB Trustee Mike Lombardi says ever since the draft policy was released to the public there's been a great deal of interest.

"At this time it is open season. We've got some great ideas and there is just lots of interest from the public," he says. "What we are saying is social media has exploded and it has great potential in communication and education and learning. But we also need to be aware of its challenges and it is important that the district take a leadership role to ensure teachers are using common sense, good judgment and caution. We want to balance caution with issues of privacy, rights and responsibilities."

Click here to watch a CBC TV story about the Board's social media policy.

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