Windermere Hosts Dance City 2013

On May 3, Windermere Secondary hosted Dance City 2013, a large hip hop dance competition featuring the moves of close to 400 students.

Dance City was organized by two Windermere leadership students. The competition was open to all Vancouver students and drew many junior and senior teams. Organizers say the aim of the competition was to raise money for a charity that would help students who wanted to pursue dance outside of school time, but who could not afford the fees attached. 

Staff involved with the event say sponsor teacher Heather Babcock and her amazing team of students deserve a great deal of kudos for pulling off the huge feat. 

In addition to some amazing district talent, the competition also showcased the moves of one performer who is a team member of the dance group Poreotics, which was a recent winner of America's Next Best Dance Crew.

Click below to watch a short student produced clip of Dance City:

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