Trudeau Elementary Musical Revives Classic Oldies

On Thursday, May 16, 2012, students from Trudeau Elementary thrilled hundreds as they sang and danced their way through an updated version of John Jacobson's musical "Rock and Roll Forever". Bringing classics to life for a new generation, students performed songs such as: "Surfin USA," "Blue Suede Shoes," and "Stop! In the Name of Love" before an audience of family and friends.

In his final production before retirement, school principal Jim Lattimer, known for his musical expertise and love of theatre, adapted the production from 1998's "Rock - Celebrate the History of Rock" and 2009's "Rock and Roll Forever".

"I just love musical theatre, and its great to see how much fun the kids have while they perform together for family and friends," said Lattimer, "It takes so much commitment from the whole school, students and staff alike, and I'm grateful for all their hard work."

From set and costume design, to lighting and sound, teachers from divisions one to six also lent their efforts, mounting a production that left the audience stunned and the entire cast production team excited and energized.

"It was so much fun. I really like all of the singing and dancing, especially the big finish," said Grade 7 student Jamee Burgos.

Burgos wasn't the only one blown away. 

"I had lots of fun rehearsing and practicing with so many of my friends, and it was exciting to have such a big audience for our show," said Grade 7 student Doris Truong.

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