Weir Students and Staff Beautify their Neighbourhood

On May 22 at 1 PM, all of Weir Elementary headed out into the sun to participate in the school community clean-up. The clean-up was part of the school code of conduct that supports respecting the environment.

Weir Vice Principal Stephen Leung says a group of staff members wanted to support the environment and give back to the Killarney community. Fortunately, they got some great support from the City of Vancouver, which pitched in by lending the elementary school all the necessary supplies including tongs and bags. 

Leung says the beautification of the neighbourhood was a natural fit into his school's curriculum. 

"In the early grades kids learn about the makeup of a community and how a community supports their living needs. As they grow older the social responsibility element kicks in to what students can do to support the community they live in," says Leung. "As the students get even older they begin to turn their focus to global issues such as the environment and the importance of keeping it clean."

By the end of the day, the school had collected an estimated 25 full garbage bags of trash.

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