Seymour Heads South for Immersed in the Arts Program

On Friday, May 31, students from Seymour Elementary and Richmond's Westwind Elementary celebrated the end of a successful and meaningful learning experience for both Vancouver and Richmond kids.

"It really was a wonderful opportunity for Seymour students," said Grade 6 student Kyrah Socolofsky.

During the four month long project, students from Seymour traveled south to Richmond multiple times where they collaborated with Richmond students on a variety of artistic projects including painting, theatre and dance performances as part of the Immersed in the Arts program.

During their time in Immersed in the Arts, students created a variety of visual arts projects, honed their hip-hop dance skills, sung Glee club songs and used melted plastic to create Dale Chihuly style art. Students also got a crash course in voice projection with a number of drama improv games and got an opportunity to write their own production script.

25 students from Seymour Elementary and 35 students from Westwind Elementary participated. 

Seymour principal Lani Morden says the result of Immersed in the Arts was an enhanced understanding of the commonalities all students share (no matter where they come from) as well as a whole bunch of new friends for everyone.

Morden says big thanks need to go out to the Richmond Art Council, the Province of BC, Vancouver Sun's Adopt-a-School and Remax for financially supporting the program. She also had some kind words for some of the program organizers.  

"The key drivers behind the project were Linda Shirley, Margaret Stephens and Linda McCarthy. These three women envisioned the project and executed it," she said.

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