Britannia Wins Junior Achievement Business Competition for Third Year in a Row

For a third year in a row, Britannia students beat close to 50 teams from across BC in a provincial business competition.

The Junior Achievement Competition challenges students to create their own company complete with the strategic marketing, finance, logistical and sales plans necessary to make it a success. Students then hit the streets and attempt to sell their products to the school community.

This year, Britannia students decided to create Quenched, a bottle company that produced and sold tumblers (which have both hot and cold lids) "for all four seasons". After producing a 20 page business plan, sorting through 29 different logo designs and designing a nifty (and unique) environmental and loss prevention plan, Quenched sent their 31 members out into the community. Each member of the club was tasked with selling at least five tumblers.

"We had selling incentives for the top sales," said Quenched executive and Grade 12 Britannia student Rachel Bwishe. "Our sales leader was Anita Le who sold 60 tumblers. She was able to sell 10 at a time to teachers, her friends and even the principal."

In the end, the company managed to produce and sell 276 tumblers for $20 a pop. Big pre-sales were made in the school community, but the student sales people also hit up Granville Island on the weekend.

Britannia has always done well in Junior Achievement and boasts a thriving business club. But Andrew Sloan the VP of Marketing & Communications for Junior Achievement British Columbia says Britannia's performance is particularly impressive.

"To win three years in a row is unheard of," he said.

Lee Nipp credits the hard work of his business students, who he says spent countless hours toiling on Quenched and pushed the envelope in terms of output to over-deliver.

Meanwhile the students credit the support of Nipp as well as many of their consultants including Paula Garcia (who works for CIBC at Park Royal), James Atherton (who works with Great West Life) and past Britannia Business Club presidents Sally Zhao and Lisa Wong.

"We won because we have amazing teacher sponsors like Ms. Tatomir and Mr. Nipp," says Sariah Conor, the President of Quenched and a graduating Britannia Grade 12 student. "They were so amazing and supportive."

To read more about Quenched in the Vancouver Courier, click here.

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