Wolfe Enjoys a Fantastically Engaged Parent Community

Wolfe Elementary students are lucky to have such a committed and engaged parent community, says Wolfe Principal Catherine Jamieson. 

Jamieson says the Wolfe parents are involved regularly in helping with field trips and school activities. She says a big thank you needs to go out to her PAC Executive composed of Blaire Wilson, Kate Martinez, Dawn Dunkerly and Tamara Litke. The PAC has provided ongoing support to the school by fundraising through events such as a silent auction, walkathon, trunk-sale (aka garage sale), a family Poker Night and even a family "Amazing Race" held last fall. 

"I think the wonderful thing about Wolfe is that parents really do a ton of community based fundraising as well as community events," says Jamieson." There is even a family camping trip in June." Last fall there was a Rocky Mountain Flatbread night so community members could get together and have dinner as a family to support the schools. There really is lots going on. Our PAC executive this year has done a great job supporting the variety of events we have at the school." 

Jamieson says parents like Tamara Litke, Nancy Bradshaw and Libby Taylor help make the school's PAC incredibly diverse. For example, over the years, Litke and members of the grounds committee have been out in the school garden teaching students about how to properly plant seeds and take care of the school garden. As a result, parents on the gardening committee can be found cleaning up the beds out front of the school while they wait to pick up their children.

In addition, many children at Wolfe have spent time digging in the dirt and around the planters recently built for the school by Tupper Tech. Meanwhile, Bradshaw and Taylor have been critical in developing the school's social-emotional learning committee and have given countless hours to the school. These parents have helped with the school's peer helper program, served as Kindergarten monitors and have worked with a drama specialists to provide Wolfe's students with 'virtue assemblies' throughout the year. In addition, they have helped with Wolfe's active friends program, which provides support to students with special needs.  

Jamieson says these efforts are only the tip of the iceberg when one considers how her parents have supported the school community

"One of the things I noticed when I came here is we have a diverse variety of parents," said Jamieson. "We have a number of committees who work in collaboration with the school to help support our students. Outside of school time, the commitment runs just as deep.

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