Hamber is a High Tech Programming Hub

Students from Eric Hamber Secondary's programming classes are going head to head against computer science students from across Canada and taking home top prizes just about every year they compete.

This year Ari Blondal, Emmanuel Sales, Jasper Chapman-Black and Phillip Wong managed to score 100 per cent on one of Canada's premier high school level programming competitions. Each year, the contest is run by the University of Waterloo, one of Canada's math and computer programming hubs. 

"I think that's 6 years now. I feel proud of my students so I wanted to share their success. In addition, this year we set a new record. We had 4 students achieve 100% on the test. That's never happened before," said Eric Hamber teacher Robert Arkeletian.

This year, Arkeletian says he's also had the pleasure of working with Cary Wang, a brilliant programmer who created his own enterprise server.

"This might sound lofty or unreal but rest assured it is legitimate," he said. "He has written a world class high performance web server. In terms of this type of work he is at least equal to a top level graduate student."

Wang isn't the only programming prodigy being produced by Hamber's world-class programming program. Ulysses Zheng is another great programmer who recently created four iPhone Apps that are available on Apple's app store. 

Hamber's prowess in the programming world has had one confusing consequence. After finding it ranked highly next to universities like SFU, UBC and even MIT, many confused programming students have been heard musing, "Where is Eric Hamber University anyway?"

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