Student Group Heads into Elementary Schools to Talk Global Issues

Tiago de Souza Jensen and his group Youth in Action: Yemen were interested in raising awareness about Yemeni oil and water-related issues. The group of eight Grade 12 IB students at Churchill Secondary say their principle aim was to encourage global-mindedness and action. So, they decided to brainstorm some ways they could get the message out about key global issues into the community. 

One of the most popular ideas the group came up with was to present their materials to elementary-aged children.

"We believe that motivated children can create huge change in the world, and it is our hope that children will be raised with an expectation of both global-mindedness and community involvement," says Jensen. "Pursuing that goal ourselves, we approached an international issue from a community perspective."

The group visited both Sexmith Elementary and Douglas Elementary and recieved a lot of postive feedback from younger students who were eager to learn and "appreciated being involved with big kids". In addition to listening to presentations, students also got a chance to compete in a poster competition. The winning poster Brianne K. and one by Amrit G.

Water Art 2

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