Adult Education Centre Grad Showcases Incredible Success Stories

There was no shortage of powerful stories at this year's Adult Education Grad. On Friday, May 24, hundreds of grads flocked across the stage at John Oliver to celebrate their graduation to the torrent of applause from their friends, family members, teachers and administrators.

Among those graduating was Nancy Drummond-Hay. Drummond-Hay was Main Street Adult Education Centre's Valedictorian. During her speech she explained that medical problems had made her think she'd never make it to her 20th birthday. Despite these obstacles and a rocky time in Grade 12, she was able to accomplish a great deal without her Dogwood. Due to a passionate interest in the fashion industry, she headed to John Casablanca and courses in fashion merchandising.

In 2011, Drummond-Hay started her own small business working with local retailers to develop a unique clothing line she terms "gothic outdoor apparel", a sort of cross between Game of Thrones and MEC.

But as she worked away on her business, she says she felt a draw to return to school and complete her high school career. At Main Street, she says she found a supportive and flexible environment.

Drummond-Hay wasn't the only Adult Ed grad with an inspiring tale to tell. Read about Roberts Adult Ed Centre Valedictorian Melinda Hanyi's story in the Vancouver Sun here. Or read about Downtown Eastside Valedictorian Michael Armstrong's story in the Vancouver Courier here

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