Britannia Students Succeed On and Off the Field

Britannia students had a busy summer this year. Off the field, William Zhou, a Grade 12 student with a deep and unabiding love of particle physics headed off to Deep River Science Academy. Zhou joined other brilliant young scientists-in-training to study the Chalk River nuclear reactor. Over a six week period, he conducted a number of experiments, wrote reports and gave an oral presentation on the "Study of Seperate Effects on Pool Boiling Heat Transfer" alongside a university tutor and scientific supervisor. 

"William Zhou was a wonderful addition to our program this summer. He was an excellent ambassador of Vancouver district and we hope that his attendance instils a sense of pride within your Board," wrote Danielle Martin, program director of Deep River Science Academy. 

Britannia AthletesMeanwhile, as Zhou worked on a range of science experiments in Ontario, Jilliane Vina, JC Ayque and several dozen other Britannia students were busy competing in the BC Summer Games. Vina was there to represent the school in wrestling. Despite having a background in Thai kickboxing and Brazilian Jujitsu, this was her first year wrestling. Despite her relative inexperience, she managed to place third in the provincial level tournament. Ayque, a Grade 9 student also from Britannia Secondary, helped his team take first place in basketball during this year's BC Summer Games.

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