Point Grey Grade 8 Camp Brings Together School Community

The middle of September is an exciting time for most Grade 8s at Point Grey Secondary. A highlight of their entire school career in some cases. 

This fall as thousands of students headed back to school, Point Grey Grade 8 students headed off towards the Similkameen region of Southern BC for a three day camp with parents, Grade 12 mentors, Grade 11 cafeteria assistants and teachers. 

Teacher organizers say there are a lot of reasons students get excited about the camp. In addition to one of the longest zip-lines in the area, students also get to take adavantage of swimming, dragon boating, basketball, mountain biking, hiking and a smorgasboard of other fun activities. 

Point Grey CampPoint Grey teacher Brenda Reeve, who has been a driving force in organizing the trip, says the Grade 8 camp is about more than just fun. It's also about community building.

"We do community building activities through sport, drama and even a Grade 8 dance and talent show organized by the Grade 12s," says Reeve. "The purpose of all of this is to connect with kids and help foster a community. We want to make the Grade 8s feel like they are part of Point Grey."

Reeve says once this connection is forged, students tend to participate and excel in their school life to even greater degrees.

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