Champlain Heights Student Uses Mouth to Create Digital Art

Grade 4 Champlain Heights Elementary student Deanna Dumitru has always loved art. But it wasn't until she started working with a new computer illustration program program that's allowed her to tap her creative talent and design dozens of bright and colourful pictures. 

Dumitru, who is quadriplegic, uses a puffer tube to guide her digital artbrush. The program allows her to mix colors (Dumitru is a big fan of using purple, pink, aqua and blue in her work), move the digital paint brush around and erase any mistakes - all with a puff from her mouth. The resulting artwork is fantastic.

Earlier this month, Dumitru visited with Superintendent Steve Cardwell where she presented him with one of her favorite paintings. 

While Dumitru admits she's become increasingly proficient with the program, it wasn't always easy.

"When I first started out, it was hard," she says.

But after a great deal of practice and ongoing support from her teacher Angela Angel-Lara and School Support Worker Joanne Cheung, Dumitru was gradually able to hone her technique.

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