Trudeau Elementary Principal Heads into Retirement after Decades of Inspired Music

It is Jim Lattimer's 37th year working in education and on the eve of his retirement he says some of his greatest moments have been engaging his students with music through his choir program. 

The former head of the Vancouver Music Teachers Association has taught or administered at nine different schools. He says he's done his best to bring his passion of music to each one. Lattimer is finishing up his career as principal of Trudeau Elementary, where he runs five separate choirs, one each school day.

He says he has always loved music, having sung in the past with the Vancouver Opera as well as helped produce more musical theatre productions than he can count. Some of these shows have included the entire school including 350 kids decked out in costumes and make-up and choreographed to a tee.

This year he and his staff plan to finish the year off with a musical bang and are planning two large scale productions including a Christmas musical and an intermediate musical in April. Although looking forward to retirement Lattimer says he has no doubt that he'll retain his love of music long after his last day at school. 

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