Community School Team Sports Summer Camp Transformational for Students

Last summer, Kathy Do had a transformational experience while attending a Community School Team run sports camp based out of David Thompson Elementary. It wasn't something she was expecting to happen. After graduating from Waverly Elementary, Do knew only a handful of her classmates would be heading to David Thompson Secondary with her. She says she was worried that she'd be lonely and isolated in her new secondary home.

"I thought it would be the worst thing to happen in my life! I didn't want to leave elementary school and I didn't want to go to high school," says Do.

After learning about a sports program being organized by the Community School Teams, Do decided to get involved. It wasn't an easy choice.

"I was very nervous about being all alone during the whole the program," she says. "I had butterflies in my stomach."

Once she arrived, the jitters quickly subsided as she mixed with other sports camp students for different activities. In the gym at DT, the students practiced basketball, played badminton and volleyball. Outside in the field they played tag games, soccer and ultimate. Days went from 9 AM until 2 PM. By the end of the three days, Do says she'd become friends with a number of kids enrolled in the program. She said this significantly eased her transition in the fall of the new school year. 

"Sports camp was lots of fun, but it also opened up a new segment of my life because I got to see how people from different schools and areas got to engage around each other," she says. "The Community School Teams made a great impact on my life. I wouldn't be the same happy and excited person that I am today if I hadn't enrolled in the program that summer."

Do particularly credits the amazing leadership of Vanessa Fee and Holly Geddert who helped organize and lead the camp. 

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