Laurier Annex Harvest Lunch a Great Thanksgiving Tradition

Laurier Annex had plenty to be thankful for on Friday, October 5. This was the day they held their annual Harvest Lunch. Each student brought one item to add to their class "Stone Soup". Under the supervision of their teacher, they chopped and added their ingredient to the soup. Teachers supported the students doing more tricky recipes, including the group who were measuring out flour and yeast for homemade bread. Other students helped churn homemade butter.  

The event culminated with all the staff and students gathering in the gymnasium that had been transformed into a harvest theme with colourful student art, plants and gourds. Before the students were allowed to taste their healthy gourmet meal they paused to sing a song of thanksgiving. 

"All in all it was a healthy and tasty day of thanksgiving!" says Hope Sterling, VP at Laurier Annex.    

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