Mount Pleasant Demonstrates Emergency Prowess During Great Shakeout Drill

Last Thursday, Mount Pleasant Elementary staff and students demonstrated they're ready in the event of an earthquake. The school's students undertook the full drop, cover and hold during a simulated earthquake. Staff and students then evacuated the school to a nearby field where they opened the school's emergency bin. All VSB schools are equipped with emergency bins which include water storage tanks and other emergency supplies.

Mount Pleasant principal Sue Stevenson said she was very impressed by how well her students reacted during the drill.

"They were really just amazing," she said. "I'm so proud of everyone in the school - both our students and our staff."

All VSB schools participate in two drills each year, one in the fall and the annual Big One @ Two Drill scheduled in May. This year, 31 VSB school/sites participated in this year's Great BC ShakeOut Drill.

In addition to earthquake drills, the district also has trained 370 staff volunteers as SERT (School Emergency Response Team) members. SERT members help to enhance overall emergency response capabilities of the VSB. 

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