Student's Love of the Arts Brings the Opera to Brock Elementary

Keegan Lott is a Grade 5 inspiration. According to Brock Elementary principal Angela Hughes, while Lott is multi-talented, it was his love for the arts, which drove him into action.

While watching his mom read through the Vancouver Opera booklet a few years ago, Lott saw a section relating to opera in schools. With his mom's help, he called up the opera company and asked if they would visit his school. 

"Not many kids get to experience opera when they are younger," said Lott. "I think a lot of kids don't know much about it and think it's boring, but it's not boring to me."

On Friday, November 2, the students at Brock Elementary were thrilled by the Vancouver Opera's performance of Naomi's Road, which tells the story of a child in a Japanese Internment Camp.

Brock OperaThis was the third visit the opera has made to Brock in the past four years with no charge to the school.

"It is an experience that most of the children at Brock would not have had, were it not for the efforts and passion of Keegan," says Hughes. "Once again we have an example of how one student can make a difference!"

Lott says his love of the arts and opera may have been influenced by his grandfather, who played saxophone and clarinet. This early exposure may have been part of the reason for his love of art, music, sports and playing the piano.  

"I think if we bring the opera to school it will help with letting other kids know more about it. I like how they tell the stories with the singing," says the Grade 5 student.

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