Seymour and MacDonald Students Enjoy Brazilian Dancers and Musicians

On Friday October 26th, Admiral Seymour and Sir William MacDonald Elementary were treated to a thrilling performance by Axe Caporiera. Through a generous donation from Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival both inner city schools were able to enjoy the show. Seymour was excited to host Macdonald and staff at both schools look forward to more partnerships between neighbourhood schools.

Axe Caporiera 1Ax� Capoeira (pronounced AH-shay cap-oh-AIR-ah) was founded in Brazil, first arriving in Canada to perform in the 1990. Since then, they have become one of the premier capoeira organizations in North America and are located right in Seymour and Hastings Elementary Schools' neighbourhood on Hastings Street.

Children were inspired by enlivening Brazilian percussion music, traditional dances, live vocals, and gravity-defying acrobatics. The high flying flips, tumbles, kicks, and turns brought out shouts of joy from the children (and adults!) in the audience. To culminate the show, the performers had the entire audience on their feet in an interactive dance. Staff who attended the event say it was an unforgettable experience that inspired both body and soul.

Photos courtesy of Mark Montgomery - Majomo Photography 

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