Point Grey Secondary Students Show they Care at Crash for a Cause

Students at Point Grey Secondary School witnessed first-hand the consequences of distracted driving with a simulated emergency response by Vancouver fire and paramedics. As part of road safety commemorative event, a crashed car on the grounds of the school was the focus of attention as Vancouver emergency services worked to extricate a real-life 'victim' trapped inside.

Students in all grades gathered around to watch the process of what actually happens on a crash scene after 9-1-1 is dialed. In the scenario, Vice-Principal Greg Mar played the part of an injured victim who must be extracted from the wrecked vehicle with hydraulic tools, namely, the Jaws of Life.

The simulation rounded out personal stories the students had heard by the families of those killed at the hands of distracted drivers, something students said had a definite impact.

"I definitely saw a few tears," Grade 12 student Connor MacKenzie recalled.

For many, the simulation brought the consequences of distracted and impaired driving to life.

"It was a lot better than someone talking at you. It was a lot more impactful," said Victoria McCann, another Grade 12 student.

While the event was designed to raise awareness about road safety, students also took the opportunity to give back to the community. Students in all grades brought their gently used coats to the event to be donated. Intended to represent lives lost on Canada's roadways, the coats will be delivered to various charities in the city's Downtown Eastside.

Point Grey's Student Council was pleased with the number of coats they received. So far 180 coats have been collected.

"There definitely more than I thought there would be," said Jack Ferris, President of the Student Council. "Everyone got really involved."

The event was organized by BC-based Drop It And Drive in conjunction with local emergency services and students from Point Grey Secondary School.

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