Teamwork Builds Leadership at Britannia

It has been said that leadership can only be learned, never taught.

That's something that students at Britannia Secondary Community School are quickly finding out. As part of a new leadership initiative the school is undertaking, all students in the school have been divided into teams. Every week, one team runs a class meeting, helps manage gym equipment, or ensures that classrooms are neat and tidy. Not only are students learning to take responsibility for their school, they are also finding out how to work effectively with others.

It's not all serious though. Groups all got the chance to design their own team t-shirts and create their own team names. Teams - with names like "The Ninja Nuggets" and "The Wolf Pack" - also got to compete in a city-wide scavenger hunt as a team building exercise. Through a mix of fun and duty, the leadership initiative fosters collaboration and a spirit of responsibility among students of all ages.

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