Kitchener Elementary Initiative Minimizes Waste and Re-uses Treasures

This past fall a group of ten volunteers (including current PAC chairs and committee leaders) volunteered in excess of 50 hours to sort through trash and discover treasures. The goal of the initiative was to minimize the garbage that Kitchener Elementary would take to the dump upon completion of the school's move. The process involved a lengthy and dusty endeavour of many hours of sorting, piling, carrying, deciding, auctioning, donating and 'letting go'.

Among the treasurers discovered and re-purposed were a variety of musical instruments, stands, sheet music, CD player and even a microphone. All of these musical supplies were boxed up and sent South to rural Brazil. The volunteers also salvaged 15 boxes of books, heaters, laminated world maps and other education materials, which was immediately sent to the Downtown Eastside for distribution. 

In the end, over 1,000 lbs of items saved from the dump and given a much better home among needy families. 

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