Begbie Students Learn New Skills and Core Values with Golf Program

October is not usually considered a popular month for golf. But for the students of Begbie Elementaryover the six weeks leading up to Halloween, golf was very much a part of their weekly routine.

"Begbie was fortunate to have been able to bring the First Tee golf program to our school," said Begbie Principal Robert Bodden. "Not only did students learn golf skills, and now are able to play at a nearby pitch and putt, they learned core values."

Working with the First Tee golf program out of the Vancouver YMCA, students began the course learning about the basics of golf and elements of play. Each of the six lessons focused on the development of a specific skill and the following characteristics: respect, responsibility, honesty, sportsmanship, courtesy and confidence.

"This program re-enforced our code of conduct and taught students that we all should conduct ourselves in sports and life in an honourable manner," said Bodden

On rainy days the students practiced in the basement of the school, but because of Vancouver's unseasonably sunny October they were able to get outside more often than not. First Tee is partnered with the Vancouver Parks Board, and students are able to practice their newly acquired skills at one of the pitch and putts around the city. Begbie students were excited to play at the nearby Rupert Park's pitch and putt on their last two classes of golf. 

When asked if they had enjoyed themselves, even the most reserved and shy students were enthusiastic about the experience. Sophia, a grade 5 student, added that her dad was also very happy she had learned about golf and golf course etiquette. She said that they had plans to golf together in the spring. 

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