Maquinna Annex Peace Wall Gets Kids Thinking About Peace

In preparation for Remembrance Day, the students, staff and families of Maquinna Annex were asked the question: 'When you close your eyes and think of peace, what do you see?'

Individual responses were then written or drawn on coloured notepaper, collected and placed on the annex's new Peace Wall, which was displayed in the gym during the Remembrance Day assembly.

"The colourful Peace Wall was filled with positivity and optimism," said Megan Davis, Maquinna Annex's vice principal.

The wall supplemented with the traditional Remembrance Day symbolism of crosses, candles, wreaths and flags.

Many members of the school community took time to contribute their ideas. Davis says there were many different ideas present on the wall.

Some of the most evocative responses on the wall revolved around love, nature, friendship and family.

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