Grade 12 Students Participate in Aboriginal Grad Retreat at Loon Lake

Grade 12 students participated in a wonderful leadership opportunity on Nov 7 and 8 at Loon Lake Lodge in Maple Ridge B.C. The students travelled east for a Grade 12 Aboriginal grad retreat, which provided an opportunity to celebrate their successful entry into their final year of secondary school.

"We were proud to acknowledge their successes by taking them on this wonderful and unique experience," said David Delorme, VSB's Aboriginal Education curriculum consultants.

The retreat was located at Loon Lake Lodge in Maple Ridge, B.C, which organizers say is one of the best, hidden spots in the world. Upon arrival, the grads participated in cultural and leadership workshops that enabled them to meet other Aboriginal students from across the Vancouver school district.

Students took part in several workshops throughout the day and early evening. There was soap stone carving, cedar bracelet making, feather painting as well as aboriginal art activities. Some of the students also took part in the Inside Out project with district Anti-Racism coordinator Angela Brown.

The students were given the opportunities to share their personal stories with each other.

"It was a time for them to learn and to share a part of themselves with others," said Delorme. "Angela also took their photograph to use in the grade 12 display."

The students and staff spent the night at Loon Lake where they had plenty of time to laugh together, share stories together and prepare for the upcoming school year. Staff say the experience was an amazing opportunity for all students involved.

On the last day the students received information regarding university and college application procedures, band funding, scholarships and lots of other valuable information necessary for the Grade 12 year.

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