The Hobbit Inspires Grade 8 Students To Focus on Friendship When Facing Life's Dragons

The library at Vancouver Technical Secondary School was transformed into The Shire this past Wednesday afternoon. Grade 8 students showcased their interpretation of a hobbit's banquet based on their studies of J.R.R. Tolkien's classic fiction novel The Hobbit, as part of the Summit program at Vancouver Technical Secondary School.

The Hobbit Banquet has been a yearly event at the school since 2004. Kim Beaucock, English teacher for the Summit program, is very proud of her group of students this year who were responsible for the planning and implementation of the event.

"Students put a lot of work into this banquet-they are the reason it's such a success each year, " she says. "It's a great experience for them to go through together and it helps them bond with one another."

The lunch-hour banquet showcased students' writing and musical talents with thank you speeches, creative songs and riddles based on the book. A student dressed up as Gollum acted as master of ceremonies and guests and students were entertained by hobbit-inspired renditions of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Amazing Grace (Amazing Bilbo).

Students were also encouraged to share their insights and learnings from the book.

"Be brave and don't be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone," says student George Xu. "With every problem there is a solution," says student Kevin Kang.

Beaucock hopes that reading about Bilbo overcoming struggles on his adventure will translate into a valuable take away for students. "I tell my students there will indeed be dragons and trolls that they will have to face in their lives, but they will always have friends to face them with," says Beaucock.

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Photos from the event can be viewed here.


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