VSB Engages in Re-Visioning around Inner City Supports

The Vancouver School Board is engaged in a process to re-vision the supports and services it provides through Inner City and CommunityLINK funding. Staff say the process requires the district to step back from the current models of resource allocation and ask broad questions about poverty and educational success.

While there are many contributing factors or determinants which contribute to a student's chances for success in school and for their long-term life outcomes, poverty is considered a key indicator of a student's vulnerability. It is made more complex by other compounding factors. In providing additional resources for these children the Board strives to provide for equitable educational outcomes.

The review is being led by former VSB Associate Superintendent Valerie Overgaard.

"We are really asking the most basic question of people in our consultations: what makes a difference for success in learning for students who come to school disadvantaged by poverty?" says Overgaard. "We will use the feedback we receive to draft recommendations for the Board." 

A report is due in February 2014.

VSB staff and community members are invited to answer the questions posed in this process. To dowload a slideshow detailing the process, click here. Completed submissions can be e-mailed here.

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