John Henderson Elementary Celebrates 50 Years of Education and Community

John Henderson Elementary School took staff, students and guests back in time on Thursday, November 21st to celebrate the schools' 50th year anniversary.

Over 200 hundred attendees were treated to a day of celebrations that included an afternoon student-led concert highlighting song and dance performances from across the decades starting with the swinging 1960s.

"Every student and staff member was involved in putting this day together, " says Vice Principal Rajneil Deo. "The day was meant to take us back in time to show the history of our school from its opening day on November 22nd, 1963."

A sense of nostalgia filled the hallways as former principals and vice-principals re-connected and a few staff remembered their days at the school as students. A time capsule was created to hold students' predictions for life and times in 2063 including class photos from each grade.

"It was a great success," says Deo. "We all learned a lot about how the school evolved over the years."

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