Bayview Students Head to CTV Morning Show to Question Chris Hadfield

On November 18, 29 Grade 4/5 students from Bayview Elementary along with their teacher Ebru Montagano, headed down to CTV BC's studio to witness an interview with Commander Chris Hadfield on CTV's Morning Live show.

Students were inspired by what Hatfield wrote in his book An Astronaut's Guide to Life where he describes how he recognized earlier on that he had a great deal of agency.

"I recognized even as a 9 year-old that I had a lot of choices and my decisions mattered.  What I did each day would determine the kind of person I'd become," wrote Hadfield in his book.  

All of the students who attended said it was an incredibly exciting experience. One Grade 4 student named Natalia said the whole trip started at 6:50 AM when her and her friends piled into cars and headed downtown to CTV's news studio.

"Walking through the dark and quiet streets of Vancouver; finally we arrived at CTV news studios after shuffling in and out of many, many doors. Then we arrived in a room with lots of cameras and a weather reporter pictured on a TV," she said. "We waited until we heard, 'Next up, an interview with Commander Chris Hadfield.'Then suddenly, WE were the ones pictured on the screen!"

During the show, Bayview students asked the astronaut a variety of questions ranging from: "Could you tell when it was night time in Canada?" to "Were you scared you wouldn't get back?"

Some students said the experience was stressful and exciting, but all of them said it was a really positive experience.

At the end of the show, Hadfield took the time to shake each student's hand, which for some of the students was quite noteworthy.

"Chris Hadfield shook my hand and then rushed upstairs to another show. I had just met a real live astronaut. And now I end this journal with 'stay tuned for the next show,' as CTV would say!" wrote Ava, a Grade 4 student from Bayview.

Teachers involved in the event said the memorable learning opportunity will be etched in the students', teacher and parents' hearts and minds forever.

Click here to view the interview:  http://bc.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1045625 

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