Thunderbird Says Farewell to Nelson Mandela with Special Ceremony

On December 13, Thunderbird Elementary said their own special farewell to South African leader Nelson Mandela.

Last year, Thunderbird's Grade 7 students had studied Mandela's legacy and it had an impact on many of the students. Mandela's notions of peace, civil rights and his work as both a writer and world leader left an impression. Their teacher Karen Sandhu decided to focus the students' interests on a special project where they would honour Mandela and his legacy.

"Our Grade 7 teacher is very energetic. Her and her class promote leadership together and in the school," said Dawn Sadler, Thunderbird's principal. "She really lets the kids run with a project."

Over the next week, the students researched quotes and constructed special photo and flag posters. During the mid-December school assembly, the students recited influential Mandela quotes and held his images high. You could hear a pin drop during the assembly. Indeed, Sadler says the ceremony was so evocative that it reminded her of Remembrance Day in its solemnity.

She says she wasn't surprised by the fact Sandhu's students had orchestrated such a powerful presentation.

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