Fleming Grade 7 Students Serve Up Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables for the Whole School (Over and Over Again)

Fleming Elementary is the home of a committed group of Grade 7 students who every other week are in charge of distributing fresh produce and milk to the entire rest of the school.

The class is part of the BC School Fruit & Vegetable Nutritional Program (BCSFVNP), which grew from an idea formed in 2004. The program has grown from an initial launch of 10 schools in 2005 to 1,439 BC K-12 public schools and K-12 BC First Nations Schools in the 2013/2014 school year. 

In Vancouver alone, 99 schools are participating. At Fleming, students use the BC AITC's (BC Agriculture in the Classroom) "Scoops" information and their own background knowledge to enthusiastically and dynamically present information each delivery day.

"As they travel to individual classrooms, the students are nervous yet excited, knowing the importance and impact of the program that they are promoting," said Fleming teacher Jillian Lee. "Many of these students improve their oral language skills and build confidence through these small five minute speeches. They've come to anticipate delivery days." 

Lee says all students in the school have benefited from the program by getting a nutritious snack to eat prior to recess.

She says students are also learning from these presentations and are becoming increasingly aware of a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as where their food can come from.

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