Trudeau Elementary Students Reclaim Penny with Musical Performance

Vancouver Trudeau Elementary students reclaimed the value of the now obsolete penny through an ArtStarts Artist-in-Residence project, led by musician and writer, Laura Barron.

During the spoken word and music performance, Our Two Cents, students incorporated penny whistles, penny rattles and a penny rap. The show took place on Thursday, December 19.

During the lessons leading up to the performance, students examined the concept of "worth", reflecting upon issues related to consumerism, inflation, and global economics, while learning prudent money management skills. They even got to express how they'd spend government funds if "they were the Prime Minister" (where a great deal of money was allocated to science and technology).

Students also rewrote the lyrics of Bare Naked Ladies' "If I had a Million Dollars" which they performed by the vocal and penny whistle choir. 

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